"This is Russell, our latest golden. He has fit right in, and is very well socialized and as obedient as a 15-week-old puppy can be. We had a big hole in our hearts when we lost Edgar, our 14 year old, and it took a while to decide we wanted to start over with a pup. He has bonded well with our 9-year-old, Bruce, and is really quite the little gentleman. He’s smart, healthy, and we feel very fortunate to have found Coulee Country Kennel and our sweet Russell. Looking forward to many years of happiness with him.

Thank you a million times over for providing Russell with a great head start." - Tina
"Here is a photo of Sophie. I love everything about her...her personality, disposition, every-thing! The physical features that make her especially cute to me are her coloring and the length of her snout. She has the softest fur of any puppy I've touched!" - Christy Wallace

"I know you've talked to Randy several times about hunting at your place but I wanted to tell you personally what a joy Rome is. He is sooooo adorable and energetic and SMART!! He knows how to sit, lie down, sit and wait for his food to be set down, wait for the OK command, and roll over! He's our prodigy child. Randy and I are having so much fun with him. Thanks! We'll see you next year for a girl!" - Enid
"Chief is my buddy. We stop each morning in the woods nearby my home for some walking and fetching before going to work together at an assisted living community serving elderly people. When we arrive, Chief makes his rounds, greeting everyone in the office and each resident in turn, bringing a smile to everyone. He is an expert at teaching people how to play fetch, even if they've never done it before. I especially enjoy hearing people identify him as "our dog", because it speaks to the personal relationship each one feels with Chief. His calm, playful, gentle spirit evokes a sense of companionship and love in us." - Mark Williams
"I have been meaning to drop you a line and let you know how our pups are doing. Bella is almost one year old and Onya (Annabelle's pup) is coming up on 10. They are doing great, we love them both a ton and they have a blast together! I have attached a photo from a little road trip up to the snow. Hope all is well and thanks for the great dogs!" - Mo
"I thought you may like to see a photo of the puppy my son Paul received from you in September. She is a Lady x Chapman daughter, and he calls her Libby. Paul came home for Christmas break and brought Libby with him. We have four golden girls of our own, and I was a bit worried about adding one more. Libby fit right in and had a grand time. Paul has Libby working extremely well on the leash and also with basic obedience. They are an inseparable pair. He absolutely loves her! She has a beautiful personality and is a very happy dog. I don't think she ever has a bad day! Thank you for helping us select a good dog for Paul. It has been a great thing for them both! " - Jill
"I couldn't resist sending you these photos of our Bo'sun who will be three years old in mid April. We've never had such an affectionate dog--he's amazing! We chuckle at his long white eyebrows. He's a great travel dog, too, as he's so quiet and hardly ever barks." - Pam & Wil Shellenberger

I'm afraid you sold this dog too cheaply. She is a doggy genius ! Four days and barks at the door to get out to potty. Same time frame...gets in her doggy crate by my side of the bed by herself. Gets up to steps to get on patio deck by herself. Almost can get down without falling. She is soooooo smart. Sammy is a real pleasure to have as our new daughter. Thank you for the good tips on how to train. The kennel crate is the answer to the problems. This is too cool. Works great ! Thanks again. - Ron & Marcia

"This is Jasper, from your 6-26-09 litter. This little guy is my pride and joy. He is so intelligent and easy to train, and is the happiest creature I have ever met! He was adopted our other two Goldens almost immediately, and he has become rather attached to our two dogs. His curiosity, love for life, and fun loving personality never cease to amaze me." - Nick
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